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The choose and buy of electric plywood guide(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-02-08
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Hair salon and hairdresser when selecting a tool must pay attention to the choice of tools, if choose bad or instruments of buy a fake, it's like "chicken ribs, the 
food tasteless, abandon a pity".
Due to general use is cable straight hair device, ac power supply products, to buy the biggest problem is security. Security is certification and insurance, certified 
products, have passed authority test, is in conformity with the safety standards, export products are generally passed CE or UL certification. Domestic have CCC 
certification. In addition to buy regular registered trademark and secured with insurance company is willing to manufacturers of products. At present, only the 
"domain" machines, with 3 c standard and yongcheng insurance cover, splint after professional engineer research and development and testing, the production process 
after eight QC testing, reached more than 3 years service life, repair rate is almost O repair standard of plywood design itself is beautiful and easy, convenient to 
operate and conveniently.
Through appearance also can judge the quality of the product from another side. Normal manufacturer is very pay attention to all kinds of quality, including 
appearance. Generally look at each edge, if mold injection molding is very smooth, without burr, mould develop high quality, or repair after injection. In addition to 
turn a turn tail, look to whether very flexible, very flexible, matching well. Method is to let the power cord to hang, 360 degree rotation straight hair, if you can 
smoothly turn 360 degrees, shows good turn tail.
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