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What is the electric plywood(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-02-08
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Electricity also called straight iron splint, English named Hair straightener, was pioneered in 1995 by the domain company, is a kind of high temperature electronic 
products for straightening the Hair. Mainly by a heating element temperature conduction to a metal or ceramic plate surface, the surface temperature generally uniform 
set in 180-300 degrees or so, roll Hair straightening, through the heat to the currently popular around the world. Especially foreign regions are naturally curly hair: 
such as Australia, Europe, American, etc. Really liked the product
Electric splint is an electric current has caused heat straightening of PTC heating element MCH or fever wire, conduction to the aluminum plate and ceramic plate 
fever. Straight iron, Gu Mingsi righteousness is always straighten their hair, the hair through the heating elements heating, softening, and then cooling, in order to 
achieve the purpose of straight hair.
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