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What is a hair dryer(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-02-08
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Barber tools. Mainly used for drying hair and cosmetic, but also for laboratory, the physical therapy room and industrial production, artist and used as partial 
drying, heating and physical therapy. According to the type of motor, it USES can be divided into ac series type cover, communication pole type and dc permanent 
magnet. Series type hair dryer has the advantage of big start torque, high rotation speed, is suitable for manufacturing high-power hair dryer; Defect is noisy, 
commutator has certain interference of telecommunications equipment. Shaded pole type hair dryer has the advantage of low noise, long life, won't cause interference of 
telecommunications equipment; Defect is low speed, poor startup performance, big weight. Permanent magnet hair dryer has the advantage of light weight, high speed, 
simple manufacturing process, low cost, good and inexpensive.
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